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New Resource | Congregational Manuals on Watershed Discipleship

An exciting new resource is available for use in congregations and interfaith groups interested in caring for the environment: Rev. Dr. Nancy Wright and Richard Butz, MFA, have created a Congregational Watershed Discipleship Manual in partnership with Vermont Interfaith Power & Light and Voices… Continue Reading “New Resource | Congregational Manuals on Watershed Discipleship”

Podcasts to check out

In addition to the Bartimaeus Cooperative Minitries podcast or “Bartcast,” we wanted to let you know about some podcasts related to watershed discipleship topics and featuring some people in the watershed discipleship network recently. There’s a new podcast called “Shifting Climates,” which has featured… Continue Reading “Podcasts to check out”

A Sermon, A Poem, A Prayer? To Speak as Water

By Lydia Wylie-Kellermann Preached at Day House Detroit Catholic Worker, February 18, 2018 Originally posted on the Radical Discipleship blog Genesis 9:8-15 1Peter 3:18-22 Mark 1:12-15 Who am I? I am fierce and gentle. I am life and death. I am ancient and new. I… Continue Reading “A Sermon, A Poem, A Prayer? To Speak as Water”

Water in the Desert, and a Prayer for Migrants

by Katerina Friesen Watershed Discipleship Editorial Team In 2016, I walked 75 miles along the U.S.-Mexico border along with over 60 other people on The Migrant Trail, an annual walk to bear witness to the thousands of inhumane deaths that migrant sisters and brothers… Continue Reading “Water in the Desert, and a Prayer for Migrants”

“Praise is a bodily function”: CAFOs, cows, and reconciliation of creation

What does it look like for creation to praise God? A recent post by Margaret B. Adam on the Creature Kind blog adapts a sermon she gave, which addresses this very question. She notes that “praise is a bodily function,” and that creatures sing… Continue Reading ““Praise is a bodily function”: CAFOs, cows, and reconciliation of creation”

Indigenous People’s Day

Today is increasingly being recognized as Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and in honor of that, we would like to share a few links about ways that people are working with the Indigenous people of their area through watershed discipleship. Christianity is about loving God, and… Continue Reading “Indigenous People’s Day”

“Becoming Unsettled” by Elaine Enns on Sojourners

An article by Elaine Enns is live now on Sojourners called “Becoming Unsettled.” In it, she tells the story of a region in Saskatchewan where she grew up, Stoney Knoll, a land that had been given to her Mennonite forebears by the Canadian government,… Continue Reading ““Becoming Unsettled” by Elaine Enns on Sojourners”

RePlacing Church Podcast Interviews Ched Myers on Watershed Discipleship

Ben Katt of the RePlacing Church Podcast recently interviewed Ched Myers on the topic of watershed discipleship. They discussed the definition of a watershed, the importance of care for one’s watershed as an act of Christian faithfulness, Myers’ own work in the Ventura River Watershed… Continue Reading “RePlacing Church Podcast Interviews Ched Myers on Watershed Discipleship”

Coming into the Watershed – Facebook roundup 11/17

Interesting recent posts from the Coming Into the Watershed Facebook page ( Mike Little posted about Potawatomi and Indigenous peoples are taking the lead in addressing climate change: Bill Wylie-Kellermann let us know about Ryan Camero who is working with Restore the Delta, a grassroots group… Continue Reading “Coming into the Watershed – Facebook roundup 11/17”

Identity, Theology and Place: Reinhabiting the Mississippi Watershed

Audio from all the talks at the recent Fall 2016 Bartimaeus Institute: Identity, Theology and Place: Reinhabiting the Mississippi Watershed in Minneapolis, MN are available on the Church of All Nations website: