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February 12-15, 2021, Live on Zoom from unceded Chumash territory in the Ventura River Watershed Registration and Information The BKI2021 theme is “Deepening Practices of Restorative Solidarity.” For a third consecutive year we’ll explore the work of decolonizing discipleship. We’ll look at how white… Continue Reading “BARTIMAEUS KINSLER INSTITUTE 2021”

“Becoming Unsettled” by Elaine Enns on Sojourners

An article by Elaine Enns is live now on Sojourners called “Becoming Unsettled.” In it, she tells the story of a region in Saskatchewan where she grew up, Stoney Knoll, a land that had been given to her Mennonite forebears by the Canadian government,… Continue Reading ““Becoming Unsettled” by Elaine Enns on Sojourners”