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on Watershed Discipleship:

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Wild Lectionary
    • Wild Lectionary, curated by Laurel Dykstra: each week, author-practitioners meditate on the week’s lectionary passage in relation to watershed discipleship.

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Books on Watershed Discipleship:



Rewilding the Way: Break Free to Follow an Untamed God, Todd Wynward, Herald Press, 2015




Rooted & Grounded: Essays on Land and Christian Discipleship, eds. Ryan D. Harker and Janeen Bertsche Johnson, Pickwick Publications, 2016. Foreword by Luke Gascho; chapters by: Wilma Bailey, J. Matthew Bonzo, Steve Bouma-Prediger, Nicholas R. Brown, Winn Collier, Ellen F. Davis, Raymond Epp, Ryan D. Harker, Matthew Humphrey, Elaine T. James, Loren L. Johns, Hannah E. Johnson, Ryan M. Juskus, Douglas D. H. Kaufman, S. Roy Kaufman, Richard J. Klinedinst, D. Ezra Miller, Barbara Rossing, Laura Schmidt Roberts, Rebecca Horner Shenton, Nathan T. Stucky, Adam M. L. Tice, and Patricia K. Tull.



Watershed Discipleship: Reinhabiting Bioregional Faith & Practice, ed. Ched Myers, Cascade Books, 2016. Foreword by Denise M. Nadeau; chapters by: Ched Myers, Katerina Friesen, David Pritchett, Jonathan McRay, Lydia Wylie-Kellermann, Erinn Fahey, Sarah Thompson, Matthew Humphrey, Sarah Nolan, Erin Smyth, Reyna Ortega, Sasha Adkins, Tevyn East, and Jay Beck.



Where the Water Goes Around: Beloved Detroit, Bill Wylie-Kellermann, Cascade Books, 2017.


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Articles on Watershed Discipleship:

  • A Reflection on Isaiah 5, Ecological Solipsism, and “Watershed Discipleship,” Ched Myers, first published in the Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries Partners E-News, July 2010.
  • From ‘Creation Care’ to ‘Watershed Discipleship’: Re-Placing Ecological Theology and Practice.” This is an edited and expanded version of a paper given by Ched Myers to the Mennonite Scholars and Friends Section of the AAR/SBL on November 23, 2013 in Baltimore, MD, published in the Conrad Grebel Review, Vol. 32, No. 3, Fall 2014, pp. 250-275.
  • In Sojourners MagazineChed Myers discusses how watershed discipleship invites Christians to “re-inhabit” that corner of creation in which we reside. “A Watershed Moment,” Sojourners, May 2014.
  • The Tree at the Center of the World? A Meditation on California Oak Trees,” excerpt from Who Will Roll Away the Stone? Ched Myers (1994).
  • Prophetic Visions of Redemption as Rehydration: A Call to Watershed Discipleship,” Ched Myers, in The Anglican Theological Review, 100(1), Winter 2018. The whole volume is on the topic of water. (Full text of Myers’s article available upon request.)
  • Watershed Discipleship: Communicating Climate Change Within a Christian Framework: A Case Study Analysis,” Cherice Bock, in Handbook of Climate Change Communication, vol. 3: Case Studies in Climate Change Communication, Climate Change Management Series, eds. Walter Leal Filho, Ulisses Azeiteiro, Evangelos Manolas, and Anabela Mariza Azul (Springer, 2018). (Full text of Bock’s article available upon request.)
  • “Watershed Discipleship,” Cherice Bock, in An Ecotopian Lexicon, eds. Brent Ryan Bellamy and Matthew Schneider-Mayerson (University of Minnesota Press, 2019). (Full text of Bock’s chapter available upon request.)
  • “Blue Theology and Watershed Discipleship in South Africa,” Peter Houston, Acta Theologica 39, no. 2 (2019): 31–47.
  • “The Theological Place of Land: Watershed Discipleship as Re-Placed Cultural Vision,” Laura Schmidt Roberts, The Mennonite Quarterly Review 94, no. 1 (January 2020): 59–70. (Full text of Schmidt Roberts’ article available upon request.)
  • “Friends and Watershed Discipleship: reconciling with people and the land in light of the Doctrine of Discovery,” Cherice Bock, Quaker Religious Thought 134 (Spring 2020): 35–46. (Full text of Bock’s article available upon request.)
  • “I Speak for the Water: Anishinaabe Nibi Grandmothers and Watershed Discipleship in Northern Midwestern Protestant Communities,” Kiara Jorgenson, Spiritus 20, no. 2 (Fall 2020): 194–207. (Full text of Jorgenson’s article available upon request.)

Missio Dei: A Journal of Missional Theology and Praxis issue 5:2 on Watershed Discipleship, August 2014:



Geez Magazine issue on Watershed Discipleship (Spring 2016):

  • Editorial: We are Water, Let’s Swim,” introduction to the issue, Aiden Enns
  • Watershed Discipleship: Re-Imagining Ecological Theology and Practice,” Ched Myers
  • Black to the Land,” Sarah Thompson
  • A Locavore’s Dilemma,” Zoe Matties
  • Fibreshed,” Allison Ellingson
  • Print version-only articles in Geez:
    • “Watersheds I have Known,” John Terpstra
    • “Intimacy of Love and Land: Watershed Discipleship and the Vocation of Marriage,” Erinn Fahey and Lydia Wylie-Kellermann
    • “This World is not our Home? Reconsidering what the Bible has to say about Environmental Care,” Nadya Pohran
    • “This Earth is Resilient: An Interview with Dan Spencer,” James Wilt
    • “Nine Mile Run,” Mark Kramer
    • “Public Harmony with Nature,” Todd Wynward
    • “Watershed and World,” Jonathan McRay
    • “Water Witness,” Bill Wylie-Kellermann
    • “New Zealand Watershed,” Manu Caddie
    • “Baby Carrots are the New Natural: A Rant in Seven Parts,” Will Braun
    • “Some Ethics around Foraging,” Natalie Dyck
    • “The Local Marsh is our Classroom,” Leanne Wild
    • “Rivers of Deliverance, Rivers of Lament,” Katerina Friesen
    • “Doing our Part,” Josina Guess
    • “Bonnie’s Ditch,” Tricia Friesen Reed
    • “Over Your Dead Body,” Monique Stone

Other articles and reflections:

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Audio and Videos on Watershed Discipleship and Related Topics:


 Webinars and “Bartcast” of Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries: These address social justice and the church, and often also include topics related to the environment and/or watershed discipleship.



Shifting Climates: A Podcast about Climate Justice + the Church, hosted by Michaela Mast, Harrison Horst, and Sarah Longenecker, sponsored by the Center for Sustainable Climate Solutions.



The Food & Faith Podcast: Conversations from the soil and around the table, hosted by Anna Woofenden and Sam Chamelin, in collaboration with the Food, Health, and Ecological Wellbeing program at Wake Forest University School of Divinity, Plainsong Farm, The Keep & Till, and The Garden Church.



Ched Myers speaks about his life and conversion to watershed discipleship at Jesus Radicals conference in 2011: links to Part 1 and Part 2 



Lucas Land posted a video of a talk he gave on Watershed Discipleship: An Ethical/Theological Framework at Texas Lutheran University’s Krost Symposium on Environmental Justice on October 16, 2014.



RePlacing Church podcast by Ben Katt interviews Ched Myers on watershed discipleship, April 20, 2017.




The RobCast with Rob Bell interviews Ched Myers on watershed discipleship, May 21, 2017.



Recorded webinar: Impact of Environmental Injustice on Low-Income and Communities of Color, Presbyterian Hunger Program, Shantha Ready Alonso, Elona Street-Stewart, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, November 14, 2017.


Recorded webinar: Bioregional Food Covenant and Watershed Discipleship, Presbyterian Hunger Program, Vickie Machado, Ched Myers, Todd Wynward, April 14, 2014.


Videos from “Coming into the Watershed: Permaculture, Ecoliteracy and Bioregional Discipleship,” Bartimaeus Institute: “Watershed Ecology & Restorative Justice,” part 1 and part 2, Elaine Enns; “Theo-logic of Bioregionalism,” part 1 and part 2Ched Myers, October 11-14, 2013.


Elaine Enns and Ched Myers speak on watershed discipleship and restorative justice at Point Loma Nazarene University, November 27, 2017.

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