Podcasts to check out

In addition to the Bartimaeus Cooperative Minitries podcast or “Bartcast,” we wanted to let you know about some podcasts related to watershed discipleship topics and featuring some people in the watershed discipleship network recently.

Shifting Climates logo: a black circle with two overlapping white clouds, one of which is a speech bubbleThere’s a new podcast called “Shifting Climates,” which has featured some fabulous people in its so-far 6 episodes: Randy Woodley (who will be a speaker at the upcoming Bartimaeus Kinsler Institute in February 2019; he’s also featured on the December 31, 2018 Bartcast), and a number of other theologians, climatologists, farmers, and activists. This podcast is created by Michaela Mast, Harrison Horst, and Sarah Longnecker. Here’s a little bit about the story of how they came to create this podcast.

The Food & Faith podcast started last August with an episode chatting with Nurya Love Parish, a member of our watershed discipleship community who started the Christian Food Movement website (we posted an interview with Nurya on our blog last year). In this first season of the Food & Faith podcast, they’ve tackled topics like mental health, inclusion, food deserts, “queering the table,” “toxic charity,” all in relation to food and faith. A collaborative project with Wake Forest School of Divinity’s Food, Health, and Ecological Wellbeing Program, Plainsong Farm, The Keep & Till, and The Garden Church, it is hosted by Anna Woofenden and Sam Chamelin.

Bonus: Even though it’s not connected to the watershed discipleship community and it’s not technically a podcast, if you haven’t already been following Katharine Hayhoe’s series of short videos about climate change, Global Weirding, it is really great! As an evangelical climatologist, she sometimes talks about issues related to faith in this series (and definitely in other places where she talks/writes), and answers a lot of questions and false claims about climate change.

Feel free to send us suggestions of the podcasts you host and/or listen to that relate to watershed discipleship themes!