Discipulado de la Cuenca: new primer in Spanish

A new primer about watershed discipleship in Spanish was released this week, thanks to a team at Universidad Biblica Latinoamericana in San Jose, Costa Rica. You can order Discipulado de la Cuenca: Una introduccion a la fe y la practica biorregionales here.

Interest in watershed discipleship is spreading in Latin America, and Manuel Casal Lodeiro has been working to translate materials into Spanish, releasing them on the site La creación gime. Check it out, and feel free to share the link and the primer with your Spanish-speaking contacts at home and abroad. Two articles are currently available there:

REHABITANDO EL RÍO DE LA VIDA (AP 22, 1–2): REHIDRATACIÓN, REDENCIÓN Y EL DISCIPULADO DE LA CUENCA (Reinhabiting the River of Life: Rehydration, Redemption and Watershed Discipleship, 2014)

«¡HA CAÍDO EL CEDRO!» LA PALABRA PROFÉTICA VS. LA TALA RASA IMPERIAL (The Cedar Has Fallen: The Prophetic Word against Imperial Clearcutting, 2007)

Josh and Grecia Lopez Reyes recently visited San Jose, Costa Rica, sharing about the new primer and meeting with groups doing watershed discipleship work in Latin America. We will hear more from them on the blog in coming weeks.