An Open Letter from Typhoon Haiyan Survivors to Pope Francis

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Sean Devlin is a Vancouver-area climate justice activist who I have heard speak at a couple of events. His commitment to storytelling, and his analysis around race, poverty, responsibility and relationships has helped me deepen my own thinking and understanding. Sean is producer and director of this film where Filipin@ survivors of climate disaster speak of their experience and resistance.

Moving Up the Watershed in the Way of Peace: Isaac and Conflict in Genesis 26

This article is by Ted Lewis, from November 2014. It is an edited version of a series of four blog posts on Read the article here.

It this article, Ted Lewis explores naming, taming, overcoming and resolving conflict in the desert, that most brittle of watersheds.

Converting to “watershed discipleship”

Ched speaks about his life and conversion to “watershed discipleship” at Jesus Radicals conference in 2011:

Part 1

Part 2

Claiming the Call of Watershed Discipleship

This reflection by Nathan Holst from Oct 10, 2014 is published on the EcoFaith Recovery website. Nathan reflects on his recent internship at Bartimaeus Cooperative in California with Ched Myers and Elaine Enns. Nathan shares the community context of how he has come to be thinking about Watershed Discipleship and what he is learning.

You can read the article here. 

Editorial Preface to the issue: Watershed Discipleship

This recent editorial by Dave Pritchett was published online at in August, 2014 in which he introduces the issue of Watershed Discipleship and the work of Ched Myers around this issue.

Would you risk being baptized in your local river or pond? This issue of Missio Dei Journal addresses this need for transformation by integrating ecological and theological concerns under the framework of “Watershed Discipleship.” Missio Dei: A Journal of Missional Theology and Praxis 5, no. 2 (August 2014)

Click here to read this free article online.

Watershed Discipleship: An Ethical/Theological Framework

Lucas Land recently posted a video of a talk he gave on Watershed Discipleship: An Ethical/Theological Framework at Texas Lutheran University’s Krost Symposium on Environmental Justice on October 16, 2014.

Watch the video here:

Watershed disciples: Studying the local landscape

This article by Katherine Mast from Oct 15, 2014 is published on The Christian Century website. The article features the work of Elaine and Ched and Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries on Watershed Discipleship.

You can read the article here. (Please note there are limited free viewings per month of articles at this website).

Reinhabiting the River of Life (Rev 22:1–2): Rehydration, Redemption, and Watershed Discipleship

This recent article by Ched Myers was published online at in August, 2014:

Water lies at the center of our Christian sign of baptism and our current ecological crises and, thus, deserves deeper theological treatment.

This paper explores visions of “redemption as rehydration” in the prophetic literature, then it traces resonant themes into the Apocalypse’s “river of the water of life” (Rev 22:1). It next explores how water provides a “metaphorical map of God” and why hydrologic systems should be a key characteristic of how humans dwell in creation.

The paper concludes with a call to watershed-based discipleship as a faithful response to Christian mission amidst our looming environmental catastrophes.

Click here to read this free article online.

A Watershed Moment

In a recent article for Sojourners Magazine, Ched Myers discusses how Watershed Discipleship invites Christian to “re-inhabit” that corner of creation in which we reside.

A Watershed Moment, Sojourners, May. 2014 5pp

In the face of ecocide, the choice before us is stark: discipleship or denial.

Our history is increasingly hostage to a deep and broad ecological crisis. Stalking us for centuries, it is now upon us in the interlocking catastrophes of climate destruction, habitat degradation, species extinction, and resource exhaustion. Some call it “peak everything”.

Download and read the full article from here.

Modern Tools, Ancient Values: Year-Round Farming at Taos Pueblo

by Todd Wynward

Think the local food movement is a fad for elite yuppies and homesteading hipsters?  Think again. Meet the Red Willow Growers Cooperative: Taos Pueblo food producers who use cutting-edge technologies to promote place-based values that have sustained their culture for a thousand years.

The Red Willow Farmer’s Market is a high-desert haven, providing abundant food year-round at 7,100’ above sea level. Located next to two substantial greenhouses and an educational building at Taos Pueblo, the market is open Wednesdays year-round and offers grass-fed beef, seasonal produce, eggs, fresh breads and pastries, fruits in season, jams, jellies, and soaps. From their rangeland nearby, the Taos Pueblo War Chief’s Office provides local buffalo, which is USDA certified, 100% grass-fed, and sustainably produced. During summer the farmer’s market is both indoor and outdoor, with a dozen vendor tables and an outdoor grill; in the off-season the market moves inside and is more limited.

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