The Water that Connects All Life: A Reflection on the Baptism of Jesus, by Jennifer Henry

Jennifer Henry is the Executive Director of Kairos Canada.  This reflection was given at “Keepers of the Water: A Vigil of Lament and Celebration,” on January 14th, 2015 (“The Feast of the Baptism of Jesus”; readings: Genesis 1:1-5 and Mark 1:1-11).

In these last days we have told the story of how Christ came into this world, the divine taking human flesh. How the mystery of his birth was understood by the marginal and eccentric ones—some poor shepherds, some mystical magi. How, vulnerable to a genocidal ruler, he was forced to flee as a young child. And how, in the accelerated time of our lectionary, he grew to assume his ministry, baptized into his vocation of justice and peace, charting a path that would change everything.  Read more

Editorial Preface to the issue: Watershed Discipleship

This recent editorial by Dave Pritchett was published online at in August, 2014 in which he introduces the issue of Watershed Discipleship and the work of Ched Myers around this issue.

Would you risk being baptized in your local river or pond? This issue of Missio Dei Journal addresses this need for transformation by integrating ecological and theological concerns under the framework of “Watershed Discipleship.” Missio Dei: A Journal of Missional Theology and Praxis 5, no. 2 (August 2014)

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Reinhabiting the River of Life (Rev 22:1–2): Rehydration, Redemption, and Watershed Discipleship

This recent article by Ched Myers was published online at in August, 2014:

Water lies at the center of our Christian sign of baptism and our current ecological crises and, thus, deserves deeper theological treatment.

This paper explores visions of “redemption as rehydration” in the prophetic literature, then it traces resonant themes into the Apocalypse’s “river of the water of life” (Rev 22:1). It next explores how water provides a “metaphorical map of God” and why hydrologic systems should be a key characteristic of how humans dwell in creation.

The paper concludes with a call to watershed-based discipleship as a faithful response to Christian mission amidst our looming environmental catastrophes.

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A Watershed Moment

In a recent article for Sojourners Magazine, Ched Myers discusses how Watershed Discipleship invites Christian to “re-inhabit” that corner of creation in which we reside.

A Watershed Moment, Sojourners, May. 2014 5pp

In the face of ecocide, the choice before us is stark: discipleship or denial.

Our history is increasingly hostage to a deep and broad ecological crisis. Stalking us for centuries, it is now upon us in the interlocking catastrophes of climate destruction, habitat degradation, species extinction, and resource exhaustion. Some call it “peak everything”.

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