Indigenous Justice & Christian Faith: Land, Law, Language | February 18–22, 2019

[Artwork: Wowasake kin slolyapo wowahwala he e: Know the Power of Peace, Diptych icon of Black Elk by Robert Two Bulls, artist-in-residence at this year’s Bartimaeus Kinsler Institute.]

This year’s Bartimaeus Kinsler Institute will consider the topic, “Indigenous Justice & Christian Faith: Land, Law, Language.” Held February 18–22, 2019 at Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries (BCM) in Oak View, CA (unceded Chumash Territory, Ventura River Watershed). Regular registration is open through January 27, and late registration will be available through February 3 (with a 10% extra fee).

BCM southern California resource team: Josh Lopez-Reyes, Hyun Hur, Sue Park, Art Cribbs, Ched Myers, Elaine Enns, and Grecia Lopez-Reyes (not pictured: Chris Wight)

In addition to the BCM resource team (pictured above), speakers and other leaders of the event will include:


Edith (Shoshone) and Randy Woodley (Keetoowah Cherokee) — Lead Animators




Rev. Robert Two Bulls — Institute Artist and Chaplain




Julie Tumamait-Stenslie




Jonathan Cordero




Brooke Prentis




Jim Bear Jacobs




June Lorenzo




And featuring dramatic presentations by:


Discovery: A Comic Lament, by Ted Swartz and Michelle Milne




Carnival de Resistance with Tevyn East and Jay Beck




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Information about speakers and details for the event can be found here, or go straight to registration. Download this flyer to share with your networks: