Watershed Snapshots

We want to get to know one another’s watersheds and the watershed discipleship work people are doing in their regions. We would love to hear from you! A new series called “watershed snapshots” will appear on this blog in coming months and you are welcome to contribute. Here are some ideas and questions to get you going.

Tell us about your watershed! We want to share with each other about our watersheds, their histories, the activism going on now in our regions, and how place and faith interact as we engage in watershed care. Submit a brief synopsis of your watershed to share with the watershed discipleship network. If the following questions are helpful, you can answer them in the form of a Q&A or in paragraph form. Answer as few or as many as you would like, or add your own questions.

  • What watershed do you live in?
  • Who lived there prior to European colonization?
    • Do they still live there?
    • If you are collaborating or supporting work of the Indigenous folks in your region (or aware of it), you can describe that work.
  • What is unique or important about your watershed, region, or bioregion?
  • If there are practices you’ve learned from subsistence cultures in your region (historically or presently), what are they, and in what ways are they specific to your region?
  • What are some practical ways you try to live in partnership with the land, other people, and other species in your watershed in order to live sustainably?
  • How is climate change or industrial activity impacting your region’s environment?
  • In what ways are you (individually or as a community) attempting to adapt to or mitigate the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation and injustice in your region?
  • How is your faith or spirituality related to your concerns about care for the land?
  • How is your faith or spirituality specifically adapted to your place?
  • What spiritually sustaining practices are you developing or engaging in to help your community and yourself adapt to and meet the environmental challenges of this watershed moment?
  • We would also love to include a photo of you, your community, or your watershed discipleship activities, and/or a map of your watershed along with this information.


Photo ©Tim Nafziger